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  • Secured with local biometric authentication

    Industry standard encryption

    We are encrypting all transmitted data using AES-256 signed with HMAC SHA-256.
  • Secured with local biometric authentication

    SSL everywhere

    We are enforcing encrypted SSL/TLS (https) communication across all websites and services, using HTTP Strict Transport Security with browser preload listing. We also use certificate pinning to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks during public key exchanges.
  • Secured with local biometric authentication

    All sensitive information is strongly encrypted

    We only store service authentication tokens in encrypted form using the RSA public key of devices. No one, but the owner of the device can use it to for authentication by decrypting it.
  • Secured with local biometric authentication

    Zero knowledge policy

    GrantedBy.Me stores no personal information about its users. Moreover, we ensure that no information pertaining to any and all users of our services are stored.

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