Great for Business

  • Login without typing username and password

    Build Trust, Earn Loyalty

    Multi-factor biometric authentication is not the future, but a necessity of the present. Protect your users from fraud and malicious attacks, and let them experience your services without the hassle.
  • Easy to use

    Easy to Implement

    Follow our simple implementation guide and start using our technology tomorrow!
  • No need for expensive SMS anymore

    Immediate Effect

    As soon as you implement GrantedBy.Me, your users can say good bye to long and complicated passwords, sit back and enjoy your service or app to their fullest potential.
  • Secured with local biometric authentication

    Certainty from the Get-Go

    Confirm that the right person is using the correct device from the moment of registration. Avoid false-registrations by linking biometric data to your product.
  • No need for expensive SMS anymore

    No More Complaints. No More Problems.

    By preventing human error in the authentication phase, call-centre activity and user support requirements decrease drastically.

Unique login flow

Unique Login Flow

Not having passwords is freedom.

Users can focus on what they want to achieve in a service instead of how to get access to it.

Instead of proving the service who the user is the service sends a trigger.

Using that the user can tell the GrantedBy.Me service where to log in.

GrantedBy.Me then can log in the user securely on the server side.

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