About Us

  • Norbert Németvölgyi - CEO

    Norbert Németvölgyi - CEO

    From liking toy cars, through liking complex puzzles, to working as a back-end developer for over 10 years now, Norbert is what some would call a visionary, some might call a boss, but at the GrantedBy.Me offices we call him a musician.
    His first love was shredding on the guitar and to this day, his best quality is his uncanny ability to dream something up, and reconcile the abstract with the exact science of coding. He is the man behind the idea, who is a perfectionist at heart, yet baffles those around him with his fondness for chaos.
  • András Csizmadia - Software Development

    András Csizmadia - Software Development

    András is the king of multitasking, with a passion for solving problems. Having been a full stack developer for close to 15 years, he is that rare breed of coder that understands the market just as well as he understands his own code.
    With an impeccable work ethic and great attention to detail, he is the backbone of the GrantedBy.Me team, often inspiring us to do better, and on occasion making us feel bad for being unable to do better.
  • Attila Dobos - Business Development

    Attila Dobos - Business Development

    Attila is the guy that makes everybody around him feel unaccomplished on account of how much he has done in his life. Here at GrantedBy.Me he is our business development guru and when he is not too busy entertaining us with his dry sense of humour, he is out there creating opportunities for his colleagues.
    He has been working with startups for over a decade now and has helped incubate, fund and mentor dozens of teams around Europe. As a man of few words, he let's his actions speak instead and whether he is telling you why you are wrong, or showing you how to do it better, you always know he has your back!
  • László Csukás - Product Design

    László Csukás - Product Design

    Usability and complexity don’t always go hand in hand in the IT world. László has had the uneasy task of finding a way to merge security with simplicity while designing the GrantedBy.Me system, and he welcomed the challenge.
    He is a designer at heart with the mind of a business-man, yet he excels at putting himself in the user’s shoe. As our UX expert, he is responsible for finding ways to make what is mandatory feel like an experience, rather than a chore.
  • Daniel Sebes - Communication and Sales

    Daniel Sebes - Communication / Sales

    Coming from a competitive gaming background, Daniel is our resident communication expert and sales representative. He is here to help connect the innovative mind-set of our developers with the real life needs of the market.
    He is sarcastic to a fault, but coupled with his innate drive for excellence, he is not only tolerated by the rest of the team, he is also leading the charge on making the GrantedBy.Me system available and accessible to as many people as possible.

Advisory Board Members

We are in excellent company

  • Peter Jakab - Advisory Board member

    Peter Jakab - Advisory Board member

    Bank IT Security Expert, Former CEO of MKB Bank Hungary - Bank Security.
  • Otto Werschitz - Advisory Board member

    Otto Werschitz - Advisory Board member

    Business Development Director - ZTE Hungary kft.

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