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The best kind of user experience

User Friendly

The best kind of user experience, at least when it comes to authentication, is the kind that your user barely notices, if at all. Security should not come at the expense of a product’s usability, and with our solution logging in-and-out is as easy as unlocking a phone.

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More Secure

Better security and fewer issues lead to a better service overall, which in turn translates into more loyal customers.

No hassle with multiple passwords

Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction

No hassle with multiple passwords and no issues to call the provider about – With GrantedBy.Me, customer satisfaction is not a goal, but a guarantee.

Our solution can be seamlessly integrated

Easy to Integrate

Our solution can be seamlessly integrated into any and all systems. To learn more about integration, click on the button below.

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Safer all around

Safer all around

Protecting your identity has never been more important. With our application and state-of-the-art security measures, forgotten passwords and unfriendly hackers will be an issues of the past.

Easier & faster to use

Easier and Faster

Biometric authentication is not only safer than regular passwords, it is also easier and more comfortable to use.

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At your fingertips

Rejoice as safe authentication becomes an experience, rather than a chore – always ready, at your fingertips.

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